Hatfield Tri 2010

25th July brought the 12th running of the Hatfield Triathlon with Lincsquad well represented with Lewis, Chris, Matt and Lauren doing their first open water Triathlon.

Overall winner was Tim Ashelford from Leeds Bradford Tri in a time of 01:04:45.

Lincsquad performed well to take 2nd (1st open senior), 7th with Steve Grocock, 9th Pete Connolly, 16th Lewis Purcell (1st Novice) , 30th Chriss Gibb (1st Novice over 50), 45th Lauren York (2nd Female Junior),84th Matt Porter and 90th Paul Ralph.

Lauren York had the fastest swim out of the Squadders with a time of 10:22 which included T1 and it was the 2nd fastest time of the day. Steve Grocock set the pace on the bike with a split of 37:21 the 3rd fastest split of the day. Steve Clark put in the fastest run from the club 17:26 3rd fastest of the day.

Full results

Pos  Name         Swim Pos      Bike  Pos     Run  Pos     Time     Age Group

2nd Steve Clark 11:05 8th      37:30 5th   17:26 3rd   01:06:01 1st

7th Steve Grocock 11:30 9th   37:21 3rd   20:15 30th 01:09:06 4th

9th Peter Connolly 13:52 35th  39:11 10th 17:56 8th 01:10:59 5th

16th Lewis Purcell 16:43 78th   39:23 11th 17:30 5th 01:13:36 5th

30th Chris Gibb 16:16 74th       42:14 27th 19:29 23rd 01:17:59 4th

45th Lauren York 10:22 2nd      48:10 79th 21:44 52nd 01:20:16 2nd

84th Matt Porter 14:47 54th     49:58 88th 24:54 80th 01:29:39 32nd

90th Paul Ralph 19:56 101st      48:07 77th 24:34 78th 01:32:37 23rd

Good Racing everyone!!!