The Vitruvian (Half Ironman distance)

vitruvian-triathlonThe Vitruvian (Half Ironman distance)

If the Dambuster had whetted your appetite earlier in the year then here’s an event with a double helping of the infamous Rutland Ripple.
It’s also the event that has you finally using that cheap head-torch you’ve bought from a petrol station as you fumble your way to the 05:00 bike racking.
In previous years the sun has risen to reveal a thick mist over the lake that makes sighting challenging to say the least. Fortunately, not this year, in fact this year’s race wasn’t far from ideal conditions.

Rather than start with finishing order this race will be remembered for individual performances, although for some, not necessarily ones for their scrapbook.

z. alanDue to his continued success we’re  running out of superlatives for Our GB bronze medalist Al Woodcock.
Rob Roy, Robert the Bruce, William Wallace and Jimmy Krankie have all been used in previous smoke blowing exercises.
Cutting to the chase, Al, yet again proved his worth against some strong competition. A time of 4 hrs 55 mins and an especially notable 1 hr 37 minute half marathon helped Alan secure the age group win and trophy t’ boot.



Rachel Love anRachel Love - on one of her more "upright" parts of the ride!d Chris Spavin will be left thinking they’ve had more than their fair share of bad luck in one foul swoop. The sight of a disappointed Chris pushing his punctured bike back to transition was a sad enough sight as it was (these races aren’t cheap) but…….Rachel had experienced a far worse fate. An accident on the bike saw the women’s TT champion being taken to hospital where it was announced she had a broken collarbone.  We all wish you a speedy recovery Rachel and know it won’t be long before you’re back collecting Strava segments.

Rachel Love – on one of her more “upright” parts of the ride!

 Lincsquad’s ‘Ant and Dec’ provided their usual rivalry but it was Rob Wood, (still bitter his sidekick got the upper hand at the Club Relays) that crossed the line first. Rob’s superb 4hr 41 min saw him coming home in 62nd position overall and 2nd Lincsquadder home.
Although ‘Dec’ Hinch  had to eventually hand over the bragging rights he wasn’t going to surrender without a fight. A head scratching swim but typically strong bike leg still saw him vying for contention before the inevitable 13 mile run. Dave’s run was more than respectable considering his injury blighted season.Vit swim

15th overall and 1st Lincsquadder home was Steve Grocock (4hr 21 mins). A decent swim but puzzling bike leg (no quicker than 2 years ago), had Steve looking comfortably towards an age group podium place. Possibly still  banking on his Ironman fitness to wing it on the day Steve was soon found out on the run and found himself fading, along with his podium dreams. 4th in age group was yet again close, but still no cigar.

3rd Squadder, Steve Ornsby, despite a relatively short triathlon career has managed to cram in a full Ironman and was now ‘enjoying’ his 3rd half distance. Cashing in on his ‘Outlaw’ swim training Steve exited the water in the top ten ‘blue caps’. Two further strong disciplines saw a comfortable sub 5 hr finish. Steve’s success comes at a price as he’s finding himself becoming a Lincsquad target man in a competitive division.

Tugboat Veitch,  by his own admission wasn’t finding it quite as easy as in years of yore. After focussing all year on his more than successful Ironman debut, Andy’s recent trip to the States may not have been the perfect preparation. With a glint in his eye and a wry smile on his face Tuggers offered no excuses. I think his rivals/friends may not get offered the same charity next time? This said, Andy still improved on last year’s time by 8 minutes.

A decent injury free spell saw Paul Fytche put in a cracking performance for his debut Half Ironman distance. Respecting the distances Paul raced within himself before letting loose on the run. If appearances are anything to go by then Paul is going to be one to watch at the longer distances. Paul has mastered looking comfortable and hardly looked out of breath on the run course. At the finish chute he hadn’t even broken into a sweat.

Vit team

15th Steve Grocock. 4:21:01. 29:32. 1:07. 2:14:44. :53. 1:34:44

62nd. Rob Wood. 4:41:14. 41:19. 0:49. 2:22:31. :56. 1:35:38

118th Steve Ornsby.4:53:06. 33:30. 1:48. 2:36:19. 1:42. 1:39:46

142nd Alan Woodcock. 4:55:49. 38:34. 2:16. 2:36:07. 1:46. 1:37:05

202nd David S. Hinch. 5:03:27. 42:45. 1:56. 2:28:14. 1:28. 1:49:03

238th Paul Fytche. 5:08:36. 39:36. 2:32. 2:46:25. 1:30. 1:38:32

244th Andrew Veitch. 5:09:23 40:26. 3:08. 2:36:33. 1:41. 1:47:34