Weekend round up 24th & 25th March

A weekend of action with Lincsquadders racing at Clumber Duathlon, Oulton Park Duathlon and Lincoln 10k.

Clumber Duathlon
(Report by Steve Dolby aka Dobbers)

This was the second of three duathlons which Lincsquad had representatives in through the month of March and the field was split between Saturdays Clumber park and Sundays Olton Park event.

The Saturday got under way again with an early alarm belting an old classic 80s tune out!! Shower, Breakfast and out the door…… We were again fighting the foggy morning with a slow drive over to Clumber Park. Thankfully it was the same for every one so arriving a tad later than we wanted too turned out to be not an issue.

It was time for race prep so off to transition with the ‘new’ kit which turned up only hours before…..Great timing…..Rachel Love (Lovey) nearly had to do it starkers!! But saved by the bell!!

We all appeared in transition at a similar time so there was a good bit of banter whilst also attempting to get the race face on. (One day I will find that race face instead of just meandering around looking at what everyone else is up too!!).
Huwie Davies turned up a few minutes later as he thought he would get an advantage with a lay-in, as he stayed in a local hotel………..Leaving his support crew in bed, thought he would cycle down to the transition!!!! Only to find that he had left his BTF license in the car!! Whoops!! So a speedy ride back to the hotel was on the agenda. Only to get lost in the park and not find the hotel, returning back to transition with a cap in hand as he had no cash to get a day license!! Ten minutes of Busking and he soon had the crucial fiver to get in and set up!! Apparently thanks to Binchy paying him the money not to sing……………

The race referee had announced that the race was delayed due to safety reasons and the visibility on the roads for the bike leg so we all waited around an extra 25 minutes paying more visits to the loos than we probably needed too!
It wasn’t long and we were all called to the start line. Not really being prepared for the run as chatting to the other competitors appeared to be the priority…..Off went the hooter to start the race and we was off. The two lap race was fairly straight forward with the speedy guys setting the pace and a few of us bringing up the rear. Classic women, Sprint men then Sprint women…….Everybody had eventually took to the course and it was all a bit busy. A few high 5’s as we crossed paths with our fellow Lincsquadders and we was sure to be on the bike.

At this point I was hoping and praying that the wobble factor was not going to come back as it did at the last event. Swiftly out of transition and on the to the Clumber Park roads we all went. I didn’t realise at the time but Huwie had sustained a puncture only a few 100 meters past the mount line so his ride had not got off to the best start.
The Bike leg went very smooth (well most of it) for me as I posted a 1.04.20 being the 7th fastest time of the day. That’s something which doesn’t happen very often!!

Lack of prep did however mean that I opted to take the flex of the top of the straw in my aero bottle as it was poking me in the eye on the previous Dambuster event only to leave it short and to the point where I had to drop off the bars to get a descent slurp of my drink!! Another lesson learnt………But no wobble in the wheels .. Cool!!
Not seeing other Lincsquadders on the bike route I assumed that all was well and everyone was having a good one. Fantastic cheers from the spectators (and a marshal we all know!!!) and it was soon off the bike and on to the run again for the last 5k.

There was the Dobber clang with the addition of Rioja the dog cheering away…..followed by Mrs Binchy telling me off as I didn’t have my knees high enough!! And loads of others shouting and cheering offering support on the way round.
Soon to hit the turn point and I had not seen Huwie. He must have been the chap who was down at the start with the puncture!! It didn’t take him long to whizz past me as I was limping along the last 2k with a knee injury……(Rachel Love 2.27.05) Lovey had also made it past the bike and was equally well in to the last run….High 5’s all round and the finish line was in sight.

Jack had already finished with a very respectable 1.20.50 sprint time and Huwie being the first Lincsquadder classic event over the line in 2.14.16 (with puncture).
Thanks for all the support from everyone around the course and well done to those who took part. Great start to the season!!!!! Bring on the next one………

Oulton Park Duathlon (report by Tony Yeats)

Mark York, Tony Yeats & Rob Wood all competed in this fantastic race which uses the motor racing track in a multi lap format for both run & bike legs, with transition in the pit lane. The distances are shorter than the standard distance with run1 5.4miles, bike 24.3miles, run2 2.7miles.

By the time the race started at 12:30 is was 20deg & blazing sunshine. The opening two lap run gave everyone their first look at the undulating track & by the second lap the runners where spread out into a single line.

The bike leg uses the same route as the run but for 9 laps, the track is fast & smooth. With over 300 riders on a lap only 2.7miles long large groups of riders started to form. It’s surprising on a ‘traffic free’ course how often you get held up!
The final run is a single lap with the finish in Parc Ferme.

Finishing times are below, unfortunately on the bike section, Rob Wood got held up at the back of a bunch and was left with no where to go, which caused him to fall foul the drafting rules and he was disqualified with a number of others (he also did an extra lap on the bike, probably trying to get back intio the race director’s good books)

Pos 118 – Mark York Run1 – 37:31 Bike – 1:01 Run2 – 18:52 Total 1hr59
Pos 223 – Tony Yeats Run1 – 39:09 Bike – 1:06 Run2 – 22:39 Total 2hr10
Pos DQ – Rob Wood Run1 – 34:23 Bike – 1:08 Run2 – 18:37

Lincoln 10k (report by Phil Binch)

A big Lincsquad presence in this race with just as many Lincsquadders & familes cheering on from the roadside. It was a glorious sunny day with a slight cold tinge making this an ideal day to hit that personal best (PB).

Some great banter on the way down to the start, Lincsquad Chairman Paul Carvill was keeping himself warm in his Armani bin liner, everyone was feeling ready to push themselves to the limit today, you could just sense it (even if certain members where playing it very calm).

From my point of view this was an important “see where I’m at race”, 11 weeks since the accident & collar bone operation and I needed to know where I was, I was still chasing the elusive sub 40, but I had a pace plan and this 10k I was going to stick to it.

The gun sounded and everyone sprinted up the incline to the roundabout, at 1km with Josh Grocock on my shoulder, Rick Stenton 10 metres in front, Paul Carvill another 10 metres & Neil Barker a similar distance infront of Paul, I checked my garmin, I was exactly on pace & feeling good.

At 2km having passed some of my fellow Lincsquadders on the slight incline from the roundabout, I set about getting back into a rhythm for the flat section to the half way point. Still feeling comfortable I went through 5km in 19:48 and I could still see Neil (chasing his own sub 40) some 50 or so metres in front and pulling away.

At 7km I remember seeing my pace drop slighty and had to dig in to get back on track, this was the best ever position I’d been in to go sub 40, now only 2km to go & on track, I was really up for it now, and dug in again, I remember thinking “I ain’t letting this go, it’s mine”.

I hit the cobbles (very nearly literally, I hate those cobbles at the finish) a slight stumble but all was ok, run you muppet, run. Through the castle walls and I could see the finish line clock showing 39:30, your all mine I thought, a few more metres to go, stretching my leg to make sure my timing chip hit the mat & I stopped my watch, 39:43 …… nice

We all gathered on the grass, swapping stories of success, first Lincsquadder home was newcomer Luke Matthews with some impressive running, Pete Connolly (Mr Consistent with another 37 minute 10k), Neil Barker also going sub 40, youngster Josh Grocock knocking another 30 secs off his best, Rick Stenton pulling out a fantastic 40:56, Christian Brown & Steve Beevers knocking a massive 7 minutes off their previous times, other PB’s (that I know of) from Paul Fytche, Marcus & Jenni Plume, Oliver Saxon, Jacqui Saxon, Dave Burton but I’m sure there are more.

By this time the tempting fragrance of Mrs Dolby’s home baked cup cakes was floating through the air, so there was only one thing to do ……. find them !

Lincoln 10k (report from Dave Burton)
For me the day started off like all other Lincoln 10ks……..a frantic panic to get to the car park before the roads close (I’m sure they move it every year!) followed by queueing for what seemed like hours to get parked!

Panic over and it was off to the start area for a quick run down the road, a few stretches and a quick mental check, warm up done ……check, shiny new Lincsquad club kit …….check, new Garmin wrist gadget (thanks to the advice on the forum) …….check…… I was ready to go!

As always I went off a bit quicker than my usual pace, a combination of enthusiasm and weaving through the crowd meant a first mile in 7.13, once the crowds cleared a bit I settled down to a good pace and by the water station I realised I’d given myself a great chance of a PB.

As I came around to start lap 2 my quick start was starting to take it’s toll, but as a new member what I’m coming to realise is that the support from fellow Lincsquaders on the sidelines is awesome and Lincoln was no different. The extra boost got me up the hill to the castle just in time for a super loud Team Dobber shout to inspire a sprint finish over the cobbles (I hate those cobbles!)

I crossed the line in 46.08 which is another 1.20 off the PB to add to the 2 minutes I took off it at gainsborough.

There was just time for a team photo and then, as I was giving up all hope, I spied Team Dobber with a big tin of cakes so all in all a good day for me!

Finishing times:

36:09 Luke Matthews
37:35 Chris Gibbs
37:41 Pete Connolly
39:19 Neil Barker
39:43 Phil Binch
40:00 Josh Jones
40:45 Luke Osborn
40:56 Rick Stenton
41:15 Josh Grocock
41:19 Paul Fytche
42:28 Jamie Griffin
42:56 Chris Spavin
42:58 Steve Ornsby
43:08 Paul Carvill
43:40 Marcus Plume
44:10 Oliver Saxon
46:08 Dave Burton
50:39 Christian Brown
50:40 Steve Beevers
50:43 Jacqui Saxon
60:56 Jenni Plume
61:05 Liz Wood

Full results can be found at www.chiptiming.co.uk/pdf/lincoln10k2012.pdf