Lincsquad Youth & Adult Awards 2013 – The Layas

After the mega success of the 2012 combined Crimbo party and awards night we decided to make this years awards a stand alone event. If you need a recap of the night (or not in the case of some of our karaoke heroes!) there are more pics on the Lincsquad Facebook page.

The Layas started early for Team Dobbers who spent most of the afternoon getting the room ready with a fabulous display of Lincsquad flag and banners, with Rob & Erica Carpenter sourcing balloons, party poppers & glow sticks galore. Anyone walking into the place were left in doubt what they were there for! Also excellent work by Gary Horner for the music and setting up the karaoke. Superb work guys.

Master of Ceromonies Steve Dolby kicked off procedings with the raffle and loads of Lincsquad goodies on offer. Plenty of winners were more than eager to accept the free coaching sessions, trisuits and transition towels but the frantic passing over of winning tickets to spouses and (oh the shame!!) children whenever a race entry was pulled out of the draw had to be seen to be believed.

Prior to the main awards there was a bit of admin where Adam Ingleton received his World Quadrathlon Series AG trophy, Steve Grocock his Brigg Sprint AG trophy and a polite humble appology from Luke Osborn for breaking Mel Lucas’ Brigg Sprint trophy who also received a replacement. Nice one guys!


Luke does his best Hugh Grant humble appolgy to Mel

So onto the main awards

Youth Academy

Race Performance – Team relays Young Guns Annie Dolby Caitlin Bower Tom Yeats Will Walsh

Layas 003

left to right Annie Dolby Caitlin Bower Will Walsh Tom Yeats

Youth Female Cycling – Caitlin Bower (appolgies for the mistake!)

Youth Male Cycling – Max Williamson

Most Improved Supplied by LVM (Tony and Lyn Williamson) – Robbie Sturdy

Best Youth as voted by Youth Members – Will Walsh

Lincsquad Youth of the Year – Josh Jones

There were also special awards for Youth members Torin Cannings and Simon Beedham who will be moving up to adult in 2014 as well as a special thanks to Jeff for all his work with the Youth Academy.

Lincsquad TT Series 2013

Youth Female  – Louise Beedham

Youth Male – Josh Jones


  1. Rachel Love
  2. Emma Wright Phillips
  3. Ruth Wilson
  4. Lindsey Heathfield
  5. Jane Taylor
Layas 009

TT Series 5th place Jane Taylor

Layas 008

TT Series 4th place Lindsey Heathfield

Layas 010

TT Series runner up EWP!







Layas 013


  1. Steve Grocock
  2. Chris Spavin
  3. David Hinch
  4. Phillip Marshal
  5. Steve Dolby

Main awards

Newbie to Quadrathlon – Stephen Cannings

Making a splash award – Kev Antwhistle

Coach of the year – Jeff Chappill

Most Improved – Dave Gibbs

Layas 001

Most Improved 2013 Dave Gibbs








Blogger/Post of the Year – Adam Ingleton’s how to put on a HR belt

Most Motivated to train – Josh Jones

Layas 012

Most motivated to train – Josh Jones Brigg Sprint winner and course record!









Village sign sprinter – Andrew Lawson

Prettiest Bike – David Hinch

Race Performance 2013 – Josh Jones for Brigg Sprint

WAG of the Year – Clair Dolby

Lincsquadder of the Year – Elinor Porter

Layas 018

Elinor receives her Lincsquadder of the Year award for all her work as Sportive organiser and race timekeeper.









Sexiest Arse in Lycra – Mel Lucas

Layas 019

Phil enjoys another “perk of the job”








Ironman 2013 – Steve Clark at Kona

Lincsquad Female of the Year – Emma Wright PhillipsLayas 021






Lincsquad Male of the Year – Alan Woodcock

Layas 022

Alan Woodcock and Lincsquad Chairman Phil Binch








The Christian Brown Award

Any report on the awards night could not go unfinished without a mention of the Christian Brown award.

A deeply moving and heartfelt introduction from Phil Binch mentioned the drive, determination, energy, spirit and so many other qualities that Chrisitian brought not only to the club but everyone else he met. With Christian’s parents and family in attendance it was an incredible moment when his dad Pete, Mum Christine and Phil presented the Christian Brown Award to the person they felt showed all the same attributes as Christian.

For strength of character, never giving up and everything else that made Christian special the highly deserving winner received a standing ovation.

That person was Steve Beevers.

Layas 023

left to right: Lincsquad Chairman Phil Binch, Pete Brown, Christine Brown, Steve Beevers, Steve Dolby.