Duathlon Results from Traning Race 8

So here we go again training race 8 complete (only 9, 10 and 11 to go, which means end of season is fast approaching with Christmas not far behind) All 43 athletes started and finished the event, yes even Kev managed to get all three parts in this time (the answer is 4 and yes you need to do the next three).

Race report warning, this report contains amusement and jokes that may make some of you smile (something rarely seen at the events themselves). It is in no way intended to offend (bonus if it does). So Kerry get the kettle on, biscuits opened and chill back into your chair, here goes.

Last night I asked people to describe, in one word, what they thought about either the weather we have had this year for the events, the locations or indeed the events themselves. This is what I got back:

  • Venues great, but not as good as the race reports.
  • All the marshals are fantastic, especially the one who does the results.
  • Look forward to the race reports (they are better than the TT’s reports)
  • Excited every time I see that the race reports are out as they are better than the TT’s.
  • Really enjoy reading the race reports, whoever writes them is a genius, especially the one in Latin.
  • Interesting read, the race reports, not the results.
  • Every race report keeps mentioning a women’s name and she is never included in the results and I have not got a clue why.

I only asked for one word but some people do not know when to stop talking.

So how was the training race. As stated above 43 started and finished. They where overseen by the amazing time keeping team and marshals out on the course, so a big thank you to all those Ladies and Gents who give up hours of their time to make sure that these events happen.

I know what the big question on your mind right now is “where is the Mystery venue”. Well I am sworn to secrecy but I can give a few hints:

  • it’s got a run section to start with
  • the second part is a ride on road bikes on a sort of grey looking surface
  • The final part, for those who mange to finish the first two bits, will be similar to the first part but may be different.

Hope that has not given to much away.

To find out more you will have to keep watching the FB page.

I have attached the results so if you want to have a look please do, if you think your time is to slow then run / ride faster next time. I would not imagine that if your time is to fast on the results I will hear from you.

Oh and by the way for those of you wondering why I have not mentioned the ladies name in this report look again (told you it would be in all 11).

Results Training race 8

Kind regards,

Jeff Chappill