The Half Outlaw (Ironman distance)

The spectator friendly venue at Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham, once again held host to a weekend of top Triathlon racing. Sunday saw the turn of the inaugural, yet now hugely successful Half Outlaw Ironman.

Despite never having held this event before the ‘One Step Beyond Team’ found their 1200 places (and later to be extended to 1300) were snapped up in little over a week!

Did it live up to the billing? Definitely!

This venue is unique in that the swim, bike and run can all be viewed from one vantage point, around the main lake.This allows friends and family to experience the big event atmosphere whilst cheering on the athletes.

First home for the Squadders in 4hrs 38 mins was Steve Grocock in 13th position overall and 5th in his age group. The 57 miles in the saddle was done a little less gung-ho than usual (2 hrs 29 min) and meant Steve could ‘race’ the 13.1 mile run instead of typically plodding around complaining about aching legs. His 1hr 35 min half marathon proving testament to these more conservative tactics. Of course, clocking your fellow Team mates at numerous points around the course also seems to help bring out the best in all.

Lincsquad’s 2012 ‘Improver Of The Year’ Tony Philbin (78th), still enjoying great form found the step up to the 71.3 mile distance that bit easier than his first attempt. 71.3 miles? Oh yes! The organisers kindly added an extra mile to the bike leg. As expected, a sterling bike performance of 2hr 38 mins bolstered with a solid half mara run ensured Tony finished within the top 80 competitors from over a thousand finishers.  Tony’s only regret was his transitions and not packing his elastic laces as the sub 5hr Half Ironman time was missed by a meagre 9 seconds.

Another top 100 finisher was our friendly neighbourhood ‘Tugboat’ (93rd), perfectly at home at these distances he also backed up a strong bike leg with another outstanding run time of 1 hr 37 mins. Finding a fellow Lincsquadder for company toward the latter part of the bike leg in the shape of Steve Ornsby (115th) gave the two opportunity for some healthy banter as they entered T2 together. Steve O, thrashing his previous best time to produce the run of his life (1 hr 40 mins), only made the Brigg Tugboat that little more determined not to let his slender lead slip.

An equally impressive swim meant SteveO exceeded all expectations in his pre-cursor to the full Outlaw in just over a month’s time. Winter base training and ‘Off that Couch Fitness/Real fitness Triathlon camp paying dividends for his first race of the season.

Chris Spavin (161st), no stranger to the long distance racing found that his earlier start time and uber time trialling speed (2hr 36 min) meant him mixing with the big boys when coming to the start of the run. A little lack of run training found Chris having to dig deep for his creditable 5 hr 11 min finishing time.

 Mark Salmon (214th), probably the most decorated long distance Lincsquadder used his experience to put a couple of minutes between himself and Half Ironman debutant Sheehan Quirke (222nd). Sheehan’s superior run of 1hr 36 being nullified by Mark’s stronger bike leg. Both guys finishing well within the top quarter of the field and comfortably under five and a half hours.

Gary Baugh (375th), last seen handing out prizes at the European Quadrathlon champs and fellow newcomer Martin Mcloughlin (432nd)weren’t to be fazed with their challenge. Along with Mark Dyer (486th) the three threw themselves straight into the Half Ironman distance yet still found themselves finishing infront of at least 500 other competitors. An Achilles injury hampering Mark’s running made for a particularly tough day.

Another athlete sporting a lincsquad tri-suit turned out to be Al Curtis (672nd) A quick introduction during the run leg saw Alan in high spirits. Hope you enjoyed the race Al.

Two that definitely enjoyed the experience were the Lincsquad ladies Jane Clarke (700th) and Nicky Robinson (826th). Both girls looked a tad apprehensive somewhat in transition as they battled with the odd nerve (or two). Fast forward some 6 ish hours later and the two Cheshire cats appeared to be walking a foot taller tucking into the hospitality nosebag whist modelling their Outlaw T-shirts and Finisher medal bling.

There was no complaining and no dismissing the suggestion of the full Ironman next year!!…………….you heard it here first.

Les Schmid (726th) another Ironman stalwart finished between the two girls and seemed happy that his full Ironman training is on track for just over a month’s time.

Big thank you to all the Lincsquad massive for lending your support around the course, some even choosing to camp over an extra night, some not even racing! We do appreciate it the Binchy’s, Dobbers, Purcells and Yorks and of course family and other friends.

This was a cracking event that the One Step Beyond team organised to aplomb. Several closed roads, umpteen drink/food stations, free massage, drinks, meals and cakes all gave it the ‘Big Event’ feel. Throw in the near perfect weather conditions and fan friendly location and you’ve got yourself a permanent fixture on your sporting calendar.

SWIM         BIKE        RUN       OVERAll

13th    Grocock, Steve     29:57       2:29:09   1:35:44     4:38:30

78th    Philbin, Anthony    36:17      2:38:29    1:39:16    5:00:08

93rd    Tugboat               38:09     2:43:02    1:37:14    5:02:34

115th  Ornsby, Steve       32:37     2:49:04     1:40:14   5:06:25

161st  Spavin, Chris          35:39    2:36:11     1:55:22   5:11:25

214th  Salmon, Mark         36:27     2:47:00     1:49:08   5:19:56

222nd Quirke, Sheehan      38:47     2:59:50     1:36:47   5:21:21

375th  Gary Baugh             43.46     2:53         1:53        5:36

432nd Mcloughlin, Martin    38:59     2:55:37     2:01:26   5:43:30

486th Dyer, Mark              43:13     2:46:41    2:10:51     5:48:04

672nd Curtis, Alan            38:05     3:12:29     2:10:23     6:10:38

700th Clarke, Jane            40:05     3:18:10     2:09:17     6:14:17

726th Schmid, Les            38:22     3:14:58      2:15:29    6:19:04

826th Robinson, Nicky 3     51:33     3:25:39      2:11:43    6:36:17