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Kayak Blaggers Guide

(inspiration taken from Richmond Canoe Club) Blagging, know your boats & equipment K1 = 1 person Kayak K2 = 2 Person Kayak K3 = 3 person (tho very rare) K4 = 4 person kayak….. K5 = K4 + two juniors wedged in at number 4 Wings = paddles Flats = ironed wings Regina,Whisper, Stilleto = …

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Brandy Wharf Quad Race 3

Brandy Wharf - Andy Grimwood

Sunshine and Mud A great fresh morning with plenty of sunshine welcomed the competitors of the 3rd Brandy Wharf Winter Warmer Series. The first run saw Andy Rowlinson return first closely followed by Andy Grimwood and Andy Veitch. Andy Grimwood soon took the lead with his fast Kayak leg and then kept a comfortable lead …

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Wadenhoe 3, Race Report

Wadenhoe 3

Windy, swimming and bare foot warriors. You just know you that you want to read more. Yes it is Wadenhoe 3. We managed to escape the high water and floods from race 2, however we did not escape the strong, bitterly cold wind. I guess it is not called a winter series for nothing. At …

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Brandy Wharf Duathlon

Brandy Wharf

Tough Off Road 12 Miles tests all!! Well the 2nd Brandy Wharf race had to be run as a Duathlon because of advice from the Enviroment Agency not to run the Kayak leg. This also attracted a few competitors who would not normally attend, and made for a good morning racing. The off road bike …

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Wadenhoe Race 2

Flood water KO's Kayak!

High flood waters KO Kayak!! Well, a wet start to the 2008 race season with plenty of rain. It seems the plague of flood waters from the 2007 race season is not going to let go without a fight. Unfortunately the high water levels in the River Nene meant that we had to cancel the …

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Sherwood & Notts Forest Trailquest

Sherwood & Notts Forest Trailquest Maiden Voyage into Trailquests proves a success. A number of the Lincsquad crew headed of to have a go at the Trailquest organised by Dark and White. Andy Coultas teamed up with Paul Carvill, Dan Broughton teamed up with John Pettinger and Michael Ogle teamed up with Dave Allen (Scunny …

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Cleethorpes 10K

New Years Day Hangover Cure! Well there was a few blurry eyes about in the morning with the event seeing over 380 people turnout. Steve Clark, Paul Carvill, Andy Coultas, Sandy Walster and Andy Veitch all sacraficed their New Years Eve to take part in the Cleethorpes 10K NYD Race. Results 27th Steve Clark 37:59 75th …

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Saddleworth Tri

Steve Clark won his age group and came 11th overall in the Saddleworth Tri. He also bagged the team prize for the Greater Manchester Central Fire Service. The event starts with a 400m swim in a 4-lane, 25m indoor pool at the Saddleworth Pool. This is followed by a cycle across the Saddleworth Moor area …

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